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Dungeon housing item! ( idea )

Feb 14, 2009
This is just a idea. Here is how it goes, you first buy it for 5000 crowns, or craft it (very hard), you place it somewhere in your castle (each castle gets his own design) and go inside it, if you are the owner of the castle 2 options will come up ( design your dungeon and enter dungeon ). If you select design your own dungeon then you will enter your dungeon ( but you are not doing the dungeon ) and will have boss designs, regular mob designs, and Non Player Designs, other designs ( such as street designs, sky designs, tower designs, and gate designs.) You get to give the bosses cheats, heath, and school. You get to chose the quest line and what the bosses and non player people say. You have limited items/area/drops until you buy them with gold. If you guys want to add to this to this, fell free!

Dec 19, 2010
Dear Wizard
Nice idea! I could really practice some fighting skills cause I am very weak and horrable at fighting. So nice idea!
Monica WyrmHeart Level 31 Death Magic

Jul 25, 2011
great idea!
it takes forever to wait for walmart to get the pagoda in stock.
and you can make a quick buck by selling the drops. :-)

Nov 15, 2008
Man this is an epic idea, ki should srsly consider this, for design a dungeon, could you design drops too? that would be wicked accept ki would prolly need to not make it a do whatever dungeon cause then you could make it fight rnk one guys with mega drops but still awesome idea i really want thhat to happen cause i am soooo bored of doing pagoda for mega snacks and this thing you could make new every time you go in! :D

matthew wyrmblade lvl 82

"when all else fails, summon a mander"

Jul 16, 2012
That's a road to abuse. KI would let you add drops, someone would add a 100% chance that you would get this crowns gear that he wants, make the boss super easy, and battle.