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Dungeon Henchmen!

Apr 02, 2012
I have an idea, we all know what henchmen are correct? And most of the time a lot of us are stuck in situations where no one an help us on a difficult dungeon. So why not make a longer term henchman that could aid you in fights during the dungeon? It would cost slightly more crowns than regular henchmen do, but you can still use em on the go. So what do you think? It would be helpful no doubt. You can buy up to 4 of any level but they only appear when fighting in a dungeon. It would help people progress quicker through the game and not have to leave because no one is willing to help. Just an idea, I really do think it would be useful though.

Sep 07, 2010
Trying to think of a dungeon where the opponents are the same school every level and I can't. There are dungeons where you will see at least one of the same school on multiple levels but they are usually accompanied buy varying schools. A henchman attacking his same school would not be of much use other than to pull aggro. The final battle in some dungeons (and even battles in the middle of some) are cheaters whose cheat may be triggered by these henchman resulting in a quick death to all. Even if they allowed you to remove the henchman before entering the battle I think the school issue would make this idea ineffective on the way to that battle. Now you are back in the same boat. Summoning appropriate henchman for one battle.

Jun 19, 2010
Players have suggested henchmen that can be hired for longer than one battle before. And no matter how many times its suggested; I'd welcome and appreciate this again and again!

Yes, there are some players out there able to rip through every quest and dungeon with the greatest of ease; while playing with both hands tied behind their backs, while blind folded, and not even be near a computer or logged onto Wizard 101.

But for the rest of the normal wizard world; a hired henchmen for longer than one battle is long over due; and is much appreciated and welcome.