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Jun 08, 2009
Do you have a rusty old mastery amulet in your attic that you don't use anymore because it's not worth it?
Well then I may have a solution for you!

I've noticed over the months that there are a lot of people out there who want to use their mastery amulets for more than just healing or pvp - people who wish one day that they can easily merge different school attacks without sacrificing damage, resistance, critical, or any other crucial stats at high levels.

For the dual-wielders of the Spiral, I propose this:

(1) 4 New Spells to Learn

1 - Blades

Blades are probably the most important spells that dual-wielders need to learn to survive at high levels. In Celestia and Zafaria, you just might be able to get away with casting Spirit or Elemental Blades - or standing at the Bazaar for hours to buy some treasure cards - , but it's no longer a possibility in Avalon+. You just can't deal enough damage to take down targets quickly enough or at all.

So, I propose that at Level 55, players that have learned all the spells from a Ravenwood trainer recieve a very special message from Marleybone:

"Young Wizard, help! There's a situation afoot!"

Meet Edward Scissorpaws, a recent escapee from Hanwell Asylum. Born without claws, he's been attacking wizards and stealing their blades!

He drops a normal version of each school's blade (not stack-able): Fireblade, Iceblade, Stormblade, Mythblade, Lifeblade, Deathblade, and Balanceblade. Let the farming begin!

2 - AOE

Awesome, you got your blade. now what? You're going to depend on a Meteor Strike and Frogs? Naw. Get out there and learn an AOE!

Life - Forest Lord (players do the Level 58 Quest)
Balance - Ra (players do the Level 58 Quest)
Myth - hmm, no AOE? Medusa (players do the Level 58 Quest)
Fire - Rain of Fire (players do the Level 68 Quest)
Ice - Snow Angel (players do the Level 58 Quest)
Death - Scarecrow (players do the Level 48 Quest)
Storm - Storm Lord (players do the Level 48 Quest)

3 - Single-hit

Ok, you're almost there. You got your blade and AOE - mobs are a cinch. Just one thing, how are you going to take down that boss over there?

Life - Spinysaur
Balance - Sabertooth
Myth - Celestial Calendar
Fire - Sun Serpent
Ice - Lord of Winter
Death - Dr. Von's Monster
Storm - Storm Owl

*still have to do the requisite quests

4 - Hybrid Spells

So, hmmm. You have a blade, an AOE, and a good single-hit - not to mention Loremaster spells (hopefully). What do you need now? Special hybrid spells that currently only exist at treasure cards (and some that I thought of)!

Primary school/Secondary School

Any school/Life - Spark o' Life: 90%@, 5 pips, 2000 to a defeated ally

Balance/Spirit Schools - Lcyian Chimera (tc)

Death/Fire or Ice - Crow (tc)
Myth/Life - Legendary Treant (tc)

Myth/Storm - Myth Imp (tc)

Balance/Elemental schools - Lernaean Hydra (tc)
(Fire/Ice) and (Ice/Fire) - Rekindle: 80%@, 2 pips, Add 1 tick to all damage over time spells to all

Myth/Death - Myth Banshee (tc)

Death/Life - Kettleblack (tc)