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Dual spells

Sep 06, 2011
This is something Wizard101 hasn't touched,Every school has a list of spells it can learn,some are exclusive,but what if,there were spells that could naturally be learned by two school,gaining an effect from each?
Flowering Night(6 pips) /
300 death damage half swap for the user,then 300 health for all allies
Thermomancy(X pips)/
Absorb 110 damage per pip and 100 damage per pip over 3 rounds
Fact or Fiction(5 pips)/
20 and 300 myth damage and a 20% storm trap and 350 storm damage
Perfection(10 pips)
100 and 500 damage
I want to know what you think.Is this over powered?Under powered?Something that shouldn't be touched upon at all?

Feb 15, 2014
even though I am balance and would love to have in my deck, there are kinda overpowered. also, what level would you learn them at? level 100?

Jun 15, 2013
I think it's a good, clever idea, never considered it before. It would probably help the fights go faster. Lately I've been reworking my deck so I can speed up the fights. Long fights are so irritating, especially when you have to deal with a dungeon that's and hour or two hours long.