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Dragonspyre 1,000 years back in time

Apr 28, 2010
If you have done the Grand Chasm in Dragonspyre you should remember The Grand Chasm Past, well after you defeat Malistaire and you already have the quest to go to Warehouse, Headmaster Ambrose calls you to say that Meowiarty (the final boss in Big Ben) had stolen the spiral key to Dragonspyre for unknown purposes but maybe somebody in DS does know he asks you to talk to Milos Bookwyrm to see if he knows something and he tells you a cat was seen going towards the Grand Chasm so he sends you to talk to Belia Windgazer and she says she saw him moving a crystal to another vault and she sends you there (it is one of the empty vaults in the chasm) then you enter it and you see a time crystal you go back to Belia and she thinks Meowiarty might be trying to change the past which can affect the future big time so she sends you in to stop him and you enter the Grand Chasm Past but not as we remember it this was before the Dragon Titan was summoned the army isnt here yet. The street enemies here are similar to the ones before but stronger they are from rank six elite to rank 10 elite the bosses are most rank eight and nine and the final bosses and secret bosses are rank ten. Also you meet some of the characters alive like the Dean when he was good in Dragonspyre Academy and you now have access to the seven schools and also changes in the actual world like for example in DS in the present when you enter the Academy Ashley says "Say have'nt i seen you before?" because she saw you in the past which confuses you in the moment but when you go to the past you get it if you remember. Then as you progress you find out Meowiarty was trying to get you to follow him to the past so you would be attackesd by the Dragon Titan so you never kill Malistaire in the present so when you find out the characters tell you to go back to the present nothing will change if you leave but Meowiarty locked the vault so you must defeat him to prevent being killed by the Dragon Titan. At the end you have to go to the Crown of Fire to face the bigger and badder Meowiarty as a rank ten Myth boss with Malistaire as he already is and two Enchanted Draconians as minions rank ten elite Fire. Just as you defeat Meowiarty and collect the key you see the Pyromancers begin the spell and you wish to stop it but you already feel the rumbling so Ashley tells you to go that is their fate and even though Dragonspyre was about to be destroyed those Pyromancers are hard to cinvince that what they are doing is wrong you go back to the present and tell Ambrose what happened and he said it doesnt matter because you saved Dragonspyre in the present anyway so you have saved the spiral and you get the badge Time Traveler. Please add this it will be loads of fun.