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Dragon Fights!!!!!!

Apr 26, 2009
It would be really cool if Wizard 101 could have Dragon Fights!!! This is how you Dragon Fight.

1. Find and Create dragon parts.
2. All of the dragon parts will do something.

Legs/Arms/Wings are for speed.
Body/Armor is for protection/health .
Head is for attacking. ( Breathing fire, stabbing with horns, biting, scratching with claws, and useing poison from your eyes.)
You can also add other things like color, power and other ways to attack.
You can also make a name for your dragon
You can make claws and the eyes of the dragon can be used for attack and there can even be special attacks!!!!!!!!!

3. Take your Dragon to battle!!!!!!!!!

You battle while take place over the sky of all the worlds.

4. Win or lose it will be fun!!!!!!!

Reply and help me with this!!!!! 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8) 8)

Jun 27, 2009
May 31, 2009
i agree wit the dragon fights thing, but how do we get the parts of the dragon? do we do tasks? buy it from a person in the bazaar? (please kingsisle add dragon fights) idk i think you should just buy if from the bazzar in gold depending on what part it is. the maximum it can cost is maybe... about 600? idk just an idea

Mar 02, 2009
This seems a bit like chicken fights. It seems cool, but its pushing it kind of especially for those who suggest betting.

May 22, 2009
well if you have dragon fights then you should have other things fight too

Apr 12, 2009
Lol, did you possibly get this idea from DS, possibly based on those dragon riders?

May 22, 2009
finally someone creates a post like this. or you could chose one of your pets and wen you start fighting they grow giant if u want more arena pets youll hav to spend some crowns or coins

jason A. adept conjurer

May 09, 2009
YA this is a awesome idea! :P :P :P :P
i think that your dragon should be able to level up also like it starts at lvl 1 and for every battle (even if it loses) should get X.P. for the battle and that way you can level with your dragon.
there should aslo be sub schools for your dragon but it can be a seprate school from yours. so you can be life with a death dragon so you have a varity of attacks, or be the same school and combine the power of the attacks so its spells are increased by 50%. though i dont like the idea of having to buy differnt parts of the dragon that would just take to long and cost to much gold. :?

Jun 30, 2009
That does sound like PvP. It's just another waste of time. It may seem cool, but then KI would get 100x of Upset Em@ils from Subscribers who spend there time playing "Dragon Fight" when they wasted there time on it. Maybe it should just be a Mini-Game, that sounds better.
Like, you start out with a starter Dragon, you can name it and color it along with 500gold in "Dragon Fight". Then you start to fight then you can gain more money and experience and create stronger, faster dragons.

Jan 29, 2009
hey, mike, pvp isnt a waste of time, its something for grands and masters to do when we're bored out of our minds.
I like the idea of dragon fights, but maybe it could be like pvp, except with dragons.
it could be exactly like pvp, but much cooler because your riding a dragon and casting spells in the air :P
-Keira willowwhisper now lvl.50 Thaumaturge

Oct 21, 2009
I think it could be cool too.

When you could Level your Drake while doing this fights, coold be cool too ^_^

Mightbe even could Skill your Drake.

Strength - More Dmg

Dodge - Reduce Hit from opponents

Dexterity - Add hit for Attacks

Vitality - More Health

Scales - Reduce incoming Dmg

Jun 06, 2009
ooh! ooh! and we could make the dragons have SCHOOL BASED powers!

-----------------breath weapon-------------------other power
fire--------------fireball-------------------firey bite: dmg over time
ice--------------frostball-----------------armor up: shields against attack
storm-------lightning bolt-------flap wings-> make wind-> mess up enemy flight
life-----------thorn spray---------------------------heal self
myth-------etheric energy------------------lay egg-> spawn minion
death---------acid spray--------------consume: eat up enemy to gain health
balance-----abrasive sand---------------power up next breath attack

Nov 09, 2009
i think it would be cool to have other fights like, tiger, Sunbird, blood bats like that :) but no blood just like ranked battles would be better.