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doulbe pets

Dec 13, 2008
Hey hey hey peoplez!!!!!!!!!!!!! with the new pets i had a major idea that has been bothering me sooooooooo much that i have to post it here:

pet pairs! its just having two pets on you at once. idk either just having two pet slots and you can put two pets of your choice or buy a special two pet pair that you can buy. or... both! that'd be cool. like as an example a blood bat and imp pair. so i hope you guys out there in the forums post a commenton wat you think and maybe if enough of you post and say you like it kingsisle will make it happen in the game.

ty for reading from,
Jack IceShard Lvl 45 soon to be stronger Ice Wizard

Jan 01, 2010
I had the weirdest bug the other night: My Wraith pet had a twin! No clue how it happened but suddenly on the screen I had two Wraith pets. It looked really cool! So yes, I would support this idea!

Nov 17, 2009
yeah, when i first heard about wizard101 i thought wow, the pets would be so cool if you could have like fifty following you.