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double spell ideas

Jul 08, 2010
Just playing around and coming up with some ideas for 'double' spells

name: Double Trap
cost: 1 -2 pips
effect: puts two 20-25% traps on the target
reason: this would be another good buff for the myth spells like minotaur and orthrus

name: Second Wind
cost: 1 -2 pips
effect: puts two +25% to next life heal on target (dont stack with self)
reason: this would make it easier for the healer to heal people faster

name: Double Trouble
cost: X pips
effect: take 50 death damage per pip used, to deal 75 - 100 death damage per pip to target

name: Double Damage
cost: 2 pips
effect: adds one 100% fire trap to target and one 100% fire trap to self.
reason: you shouldn't play with fire

name: Double Defense
cost: 1 - 2 pips
effect: adds two 20 - 40% tower shields to target
reason: ice school is suppose to have the best defense.

name: Twister Sister
cost: 1 -2 pips
effect: deals 50 -75 storm damage, then another 50 -75 storm damage

name: Both sides of the scale
cost: X pips
effect: deals X amount of balance damage per pip to target and self.

Like I said I was just being silly, but would love to hear what other people think of these

-Wolf Dreamwalker

Aug 21, 2009
storm really gets killed here, not only are its traps useless in terms of damage dealth but at the 1 to 2 pip cost they also break its set down traps and uses its blades... storm is supposed to be the high damage school and all these do for storm is substantially weaken it while all the other schools become incredibly stronger, as such I'll have to give this post a FAIL