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Dorm Revamp (and maybe more?)

Aug 15, 2023
Hey everyone! This is my first post on the forums, what a world huh? Anyways, I'm writing here to suggest that we should at least get an HD Revamp of the Dorm Rooms as well as the Wizard City (non-Crown Shop) furniture. The HD Revamp of Wizard City looks awesome and my opinion and I thought why not give it a final flourish by revamping the dorms? Or maybe even a revamp of the Wooded Cottage and Royal Playhouse (yeah, I know this is extremely unlikely because of the Team Up/Castle Tours apartment).

Mar 25, 2021
they should at the very least touch up the dorms to be on par graphically with the rest of wizard city, its jarring stepping into my dorm and seeing 2008 graphics after just seeing wizard city outside all shiny and new