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Do You Keep Getting Deserted in "Join a Team?"

Jun 27, 2009
Recently, a kiosk has appeared in Wizard City's Olde Town, where players can get matched up to complete dungeons. The feature was created so that more experienced players could volunteer to help others when they are having trouble with dungeons. I have used this feature from both perspectives, and found that 90% of the time, I get abandoned in the middle of the dungeon . Players volunteer to team up for the dungeon, only so they can farm it for a few battles and leave. This is a huge problem when players are using the feature because they have to finish the dungeon for a mission, and there's no way they can finish it by themselves.

I think the "Join a Team" feature is a great idea, don't get me wrong. I just think that there should be something that only let's you get the loot if you finish the dungeon. That way, players who are using it for help can finish their missions, and players who are trying to farm for loot can still be rewarded .

What do you think?

Jan 25, 2015
I mean maybe... but I don’t know.

I do hate when people only do the first battle in darkmoor and then leave, wasting thirty or more minutes of my time for that athame.

But with me, it’s a start to a better way of keeping people in the dungeons that they technically volunteer to help with by teaming up.

Maybe there could just be a sort of list of options on the kiosk that say, “farming this specific boss or bosses/ first battle/ key boss” or it would say “entire dungeon” meaning that one is wanting to do the full dungeon. That way, we’d be able to find a group of people wanting to farm a specific boss or bosses and the ones wanting to do the entire dungeon.

That’d help with keeping the number of abandoned groups down, but people would still leave because of slow progress or because someone else has the undesired school or stats that one would want to be on their team.

Mar 18, 2009
You don't get loot if you don't finish the dungeon or defeat the "boss."

People leaving a dungeon early is usually due to two reasons:

1.) It is a dungeon like Tartarus or Darkmoor where players are farming a specific side/secret boss that is unrelated to the dungeons main story bosses.

2.) The players are simply trying to earn Team Up credit for the new Team Up rewards located near the kiosk.

If what you are seeing is referring to item #2, then the fix is making sure that Team Up credit is not awarded until after the dungeon is "fully" completed.

Jan 05, 2018
I think that's an amazing idea. Or, once you enter with someone through Join-A-Team, you can't leave until the dungeon is complete.

It would also help to make it so that they don't get credit for battles if we don't join them, since we're doing it for missions and if we aren't apart of the battles when the boss is defeated, we don't get the credit for the defeat. It works that way with all dungeons, even if you go in together. If one person isn't there during the defeat of the boss that person doesn't get the quest credit for the boss fight.