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do you agree?

May 13, 2009
I think it is to hard to earn crowns. You have only two ways(buy or email friend). I think they should 1-10 crowns on rewards for a quest and 100 for defeating high level boss. just my opinion.

Samuel Frostsword Storm lvl 46

Dec 23, 2008
KI should add some people in the commons that give quests that give crowns like 500 for each person and there could be like 4 people.
But the quests will require defeat some towers becuause the once peaceful Olde town has been raided by monsters and they have built towers.
(These bosses will be in olde town they can add a few towers)
Each person gives a quest to defeat one of the four towers in olde town.
Once you get this quest Olde town is now dark and SPOOKY. Once you do all four quests then the city is back to normal
Each tower consists of FOUR FLOORS.
If you do each of these quests you will recieve 2000 crowns in all (Yeah, I did the math xD)

ANYWAY this is JUST an Idea.