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Did KI make up the names of important people?

Dec 26, 2008
When i saw Star Wars episode 1-The Phantom Menace, i saw that there was a planet named Malistare. Also, Ambrose is the name of a greek food that the gods eat in legends. And i think MooLinda Wu was copied off of Wu: Homecoming Warrior. The main charecter is Wu and her grandma's name is Malinda.

This may be a coincedence, but i think that it is probably the fact that the people there are star wars geeks; read one too many Percy Jackson and the Olympians and that they watch disney chanel too much! Any feedback on this will be helpful

May 27, 2009
Merle Ambrose's name is probably a play on Merlin Ambrosius, a wizard in the King Arthur legends.

Apr 25, 2009
Yeah, Ambrose is a reference to Merlin (I'm surprised I didn't catch that), Falmea is a near-anagram of flame, Baelstrom sounds like maelstrom, a type of storm at sea, Cyrus Drake I'm almost sure is heavily influenced by Snape from Harry Potter (I picked up on that when Ambrose says "Oh, I trust Cyrus completely. I can already tell that won't end well.)

I'm not sure about Moolinda Wu. I doubt they would reference a disney channel movie (which is way different than a disney movie. Although these days it's getting about the same...).

Jun 14, 2009
I KNOW! you know that one guy from grizzlehelm named somthing Urthclaw,THATS FROM A BOOK SERIES NAMED THE Redwall SERIES,in the second book,(Mossflower) there is a mole named Urthclaw and 2 other moles i cant remember to dig flood tunnels into Kotir(a catsle).

Dec 23, 2008
Oct 17, 2008
Lol, I've noticed that a lot of the names of the quests are based on things like that too.

Jul 11, 2009
Well, a lot of things in Wizard101 are supposed to be puns. Like Penny Dreadful, Merle Ambrose (Merlin Ambrosia), all the trees in Ravenwood, stuff like that. Seriously though, Wendy Wu: Homecomig Warrior? Are you serious? That one for SURE is a coincidence.