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Designated Seasonal and Holiday Spells

Nov 28, 2015
So I thinking that the game definitely needs more spells and thought it would be a really cool idea if we could have 1 spell created for each season and 1 spell for each holiday (yes seasons and holidays are different so obviously each should have their own spells). The spells would be designated and assigned to a corresponding season and holiday of the year with names and animations to match as a sort of promotional celebratory spells and would differ based on the school of the wizard trying to obtain it and would only be able to be obtained at a set time every year, which means everyone would always have a chance to obtain them no matter what year they finally decide to get the spells themselves as long as they complete the spell quest during those designated times. Now all things considered since even new wizards would also probably be able to have the chance to obtain the new spells themselves and since it is also technically promotional spells then the spells themselves obviously shouldn’t be over powered (even though everyone would obviously love that lol) but they also shouldn’t but too weak that nobody would want them in the first place, so I propose that they simply be at least as good as the last spell you can directly train in when talking to the teachers/professors in Ravenwood, Wizard City. I think this would be a terrific idea considering that we’re supposed to be wizards but yet we are limited to such a small amount of spells that we can cast as a wizard. Great idea that is sure to bring a lot of hype, fun, and joy to every player. What do you guys think?

Mar 18, 2017
This is sorta like the ideal I had with make a booster pack in the crown store, that has seasonal or holiday based spells of different strengths and a mix of schools. this could also carry to packs with spells design based on the different worlds < outside wizard city> as well, that be got though crown or gold prices over training points. I think at least 2 should not be common spells so not available for training. but this personal opinion.