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design your own weapons :D

Aug 13, 2013
Now hear me out on this before you say, "oh this would be too overpowered and blah blah blah.".

Say you are bored with the current weapons in the bazaar and you're just looking for something a bit newer and fresher, well now you have the option at lvl 30 or 40 to design your own weapon. After every 10 levels the damage goes up by 5 and after every 20 you can add a new piece of the weapon, but you can only have a maximum amount of 5-7 pieces. this would allow you to have a unique weapon and you can even pick the schools, also if you don't like a piece you can take that piece off and replace it with a different piece for only 15,000 gold, you can only have 3 per account and they are stitchable, this function would be allowed only to members OR people who have played for 4 or more years, this would cause newer players to get memberships unless they have crowns which can buy them the function for 500 or 1000 crowns. tell me what you guys think and i'm open to all form of criticism so don't hold back, i also know i probably have allot missing from this but i'm just gonna post this and let it build since it's already so long. comment your thoughts and ideas