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Design your own House and it's special feature

Jul 18, 2012
Hi I'm Coyle Thundershard and I have created this post as an inside to people's favorite worlds and features of that world here is how the game works

1.List your favorite world
2.List your favorite part of the world
3.Think of a name that runs with the design of the world and share it
4.Think of what the house looks like and describe it to us
5.Leave a special feature about the house like the oracle with the acropolis or the dragonfly ride in the amber estate
6.Leave your wizard name level and type

Here's mine

2.The architecture
3.The Celestial Palace
4.A Celestian palace with rainbows and observatories and courtyards and a secret waterfall cave reveals the special feature and on the inside a royal and luxurious massive palace with spiral staircases a throne room a grand observatory and beautifal Archetecture
5.Simply the Astral Teachers
6. Is listed in the ending

Thank you
Coyle Thundershard level 47