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Derby tracks in houses.

May 02, 2009
I posted this idea on wizard101 central a couple months back and now can finally post it here as well.

I was viewing some pictures of the pet derby not too long ago, and then it donned on me.
After viewing the background of the tracks and the size of the podium, It got me thinking that we could have our own derby track in our houses that our pets could race on.
My idea for the design/interface item is that we would have a track with some random pet's racing on it. The pets could either be random, or pets that we have in our houses already.
The pet track would correspond with the world the house is associated with (e.g. dragonspyre tracks for fire and ds houses, celestia for storm and cl houses, wizard city for life and wc houses, etc.)
Now as for the tracks you ask, well depending on the house, players would be able to select from any of the tracks associated with that world.
For example, say your in the balance house, and want to race your pet(s). Because the balance house is associated with krokotopia, players would be able to select from any of the kt themed tracks, like krokotep pillar raceway for example.
Of course, the races would all be practice, as it would make no sense as to have it be ranked matches (kinda like how the dueling circles are set up).
This sound's complicated, and it kinda is, but this way, player's would be able to race pet's from the comfort of they're own home without having to go to the pet pavilion to do a practice race.
Please leave your comments below, and I hope you like my idea.

Jul 31, 2008
Jul 14, 2010
I think it's a wonderful idea! Just use the book things like they do at the pavillion cause it would be weird to have your whole house clogged by a raceway :P
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