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Deckathalon Changes or Possibilites to make it fun again

Dec 13, 2008
i am here today not to straight up ask to get rid of the limit because come on we all know its futile to even ask such to kingsisle no im here to give a better reply and proof of the hate towards the new endurance mode and the hate behind it which is

1. The working class and kids who have school/collage stands entirely no chance in getting that pet whatsoever due to lots of homework and late work the weekend more often than not was pretty much the best chance they could get a pet by doing deckathalon without the forced endurance mode for that trophy that literally has no purpose other than a "hey look i won" type of housing item

2. new players and people who havent done ice before stand such a little chance unless youve overly prepared for it ie having a rank 4 deck already and a quint mc heal pet as well as knowing what strategy is best to get as far as you can with what you got.

my thoughts on what SHOULD be done is this

1. instead of having it just be endurance more have another mode that doesnt get you points towards the trophy for people who want to go for the trophy persay a uh lets say limitless mode for those who would like to get the pet and the ability to get the rank 10 decks to farm the teachers since they apparently drop the gear from the professor hoard pack

2. if a second unlimited mode cant be made at least up the amount of daily credits you can get per day like to at least 5 or something like that because the way it is now with 3 theres too much room for margin of error like infinite load screens or wifi issues which basically wastes a point AND other minor issues like forgetting to refill your deck and running right on in

3. make the class pets except the ravenwood class pet hatchable with others thats also another option and wouldnt be a bad one since they have been out for a while now

just a few small thoughts i think would be good for deckathalon since the limit has pushed a fair amount of people away from it moreso than you think some dont even wanna bother because of the limit and some that have tried didnt hit 450 for the pet

Dec 13, 2008
Idk if most of you know who a youtuber named blaze is but he also made some great points on why it was good before and why its bad now

1. The trophies serve no other purpose other than hindering the rest of the community just for the sake of the leaderboard no one wanted

2. Making the rank 10 decks are virtually impossible even if you were to start it with rank 4s that were already prepared

3. It was fine before because like i said above it hinders the working class as much as the people who go to school

Theres honestly no reason to to not give the community a bone here

May 30, 2010
Yeah. It really bothered my friend that it was limited credits. She was busy all that week too (she could not even check her plants so how would she get the 3 credits a day). It really really bad since now it is impossible to get all the badges in a good amount of time. If they keep it the way they did it last year where the deckathlon was one per month, I only get 2 chances per year to get 1st place. If they look at the data, they would see that a lot of people did it but how many people actually did it to try to be first on the leaderboard and how many people did it for the deck for pvp, pet, and to see if they could defeat the final boss. I think more people were doing it because the deck are super OP for pvp and to see if they could defeat the final boss. The others badges (expect beastmoon) I have 365 days (Aka a entire year) to get them. While beastmoon kind of has this problem, it is actually fun and it is unlimited as long as the event is up. Lunari is the biggest problem to beastmoon but back to deckathlon. Now compare to last year ice deckathlon, that is horrible, this deckathlon has the same problem. The top 10 probably have the same to simarily stagers which is summon a minion and wait for the minion to kill. The first place winner (congrats to him) had time to do all stages in one run!!! One run took him 2+ hours. Not everyone has that time to play 3 credits a day. I think they should have never limit the amount of credits but should limit the amount of hours they can do it. (or better yet bring back the old version where we can buy unlimited credits and no leaderboard). If anything why did you left the ice and death deckathlon, the way you did the fire, life, myth, balance, and storm deckathlon was like last year so people could get the ice and death pet.

Mar 26, 2013
There are countless complaints about deckathalon after the 3 credits limit, however on their KI live they said that every one loved it, and even loader board is a good implementation witch is not because is not a pvp mini game, they said in on their KI live that if you don't want to participate on the leader boards then don't do it. I don't think they will change it, even if the majority of the community complains about it. At this point complaining about deckathalon is a big waste of time.

They already confirmed deckathalon will stay as is.

I'm just another player like blaze lifehammer that wont do this event anymore until they decide to change it

Jun 24, 2011
Mathematically you don't need to farm the top stages to be able to obtain the pet, it is what it is. That being said, to be able to obtain the pet you need to be able to farm multiple stages of the deckathalon in a single credit. Currently this is impossible to do with some of the lower tier decks. You just don't have the treasure card space. Additionally, the amount of reagents you require to craft some of the high level decks is totally ludicrous; it's upwards of two thousand normal rune reagents for deck 10 which isn't even considering the superior runes required. I'm all for making some items difficult to get, but with the current format you would need to do dozens of deckathalons to be able to craft a deck that high. At best we have two deckathalons of each type a year, based on last year's scheduling choices.

I wholeheartedly understand wanting to limit credits to make the event more challenging, but the reason I enjoyed the last deckathalon events was for the sole purpose of being able to farm runes both for decks and the hands of fate weapons. The new format utterly destroys that purpose.

From a game developer perspective, I understand that what the players do may not always be what the developers want, but sometimes the developers need to realize that their decisions impact the community as a whole and do not always mean that they are the best for the game.