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death spell doom and gloom

Mar 08, 2009
i think the death spell doom and gloom should not be what it is i know that death is all about not healing and stuff like that but still doom and gloom should just make all death spells stronger by like 25% or something like that i think.i mean almost all of the other schools have that kind of spell. i have seen a computer player heal ONE TIME! i heal way more then thay do
and in PvP if you are losing and you need to heal you are done for so you could just use the spell infection

Jul 21, 2009
I completely agree!!!!!

Although I have seen enemies heal PLENTY of times, we death students already get spells to combat this (Infection) which does -50% to next healing spell.

So why not give us a death wizards a boost - we are all about death so doom and gloom should just increase our power to bring death upon our enemies!

Dec 13, 2008
I HATE DOOM AND GLOOM win i waant to heal i die in pvp i just hate it to i am death wizard level 50 grandmaster i just thing wraith needs to be stronger like 600 not 500 :-(

Mar 14, 2009
sacrifice shouldnt be affected by doom of gloom it is a death spell and well if there thinking of a new death spell well try thinking of a higher attack power death own the weakest spell of then all stormzilla is has strong than wraith and lol firezilla is only fourth pips and is stronger than helephant

Mar 08, 2009
TY SO MUCH!!!!!!!!! finally some people who get it! i mean it is so bad i can just use infection and doom and gloom stinks so bad in pvp! i hope they change this in the game so much! i want it to be so it makes death spells stronger by like 25% or something at least i am a lvl forty for wizard and i want them to change it before i beat it at least