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Death mistreated

Dec 09, 2008
camowiz wrote:
Barujin wrote:
I'm not here to start a debate nor to flame anyone. I simply haven't seen many people offering the opposite view.

I simply don't like scary things. I never watch horror movies. I never ride on roller coasters. It's just not my thing. I don't understand what is entertaining about being afraid. Now, that alone does not make death magic a bad thing. It's simply my preference and does not prevent a company from putting that into a game. Let's consider children, though. This is a kids' game that is intended for even the youngest of children. As you can understand, since my personal opinion is that I dislike death and horror, I wouldn't want my children to start using it as entertainment, either (if I had any). What bothers me is not that death magic is in a video game. I play other games that have death magic. Those games are not for children, though. For someone with my personal views about death and horror, this game would seem to be a bad influence on children. I can understand if someone simply does not see death and horror that way. I simply ask that people respect the views of those that do. (No, I'm not trying to imply anything about anyone in this thread.)

Thanks for reading.

What are you talking about? Death isnt scary, I mean, sure we are a little dark, but I have noticed that many of the most caring people in the game are death wizards! And death students tend to be very funny as well, we may have a spooky exterior, but many of my fellow death students are as caring as life students are supposed to be! I was in ravenwood once on my death wizard, and I started having a nice conversation with two girls there, suddenly one of them started telling her friend. "Oh my gosh! She is a death wizard!" I asked what was going on, and the girl ran of making remarks on how gothic and stupid death students where. I then asked her friend, and she said that they thought death wizards where evil and stupid, then she ran off.
I personally hate when people bash us and steriotype us because of how we look and such. We are NOT evil, and we are NOT stupid zombies.

Fiona Starcatcher.
Grandmaster Necromancer.
(And her pet wraith Jessie who WILL find anyone who doesnt like death)

I hate it when that happens. Just look, thats my exact point when I started this thread in action.

Mar 07, 2009
i am actully sorry to say they are evil, and they foucs on there power to rule over bits of the world. just think of it this way villan(necromancer) = trys to take over world. hero(life) stops villan in his quest to rule the world. i read quite a few books foucsing on necromancers. they are indeed VERY evil. they use the dead to kill the living for them. but death is not the only evil school. fire can sometimes be evil. so your theroy is wrong sorry to say. necroancers are very evil, and use the dead for there own evil deeds


lvl 48 necromancer

Mar 07, 2009
oh if you guys think it is a pick between good and evil that is sometimes true. but sorry to say my "misunderstood" necroamncers, i rather be on malistares side. it just seems that death is ment to be evil, and i want to follow its ways of evil. sorry if some of you "misunderstood" necromancers feel that way, maybe you should try life or something that is "good" for the better

Mar 07, 2009
ok i advise a little procation to any of those who fright easy. death is truly evi las a necromancer myself, i can tell you something. take this spell as an example, necrmancers summon wraiths, which are very evil, once the wraith is let out on it own control it wishs to be dead and rest in peace but can not take vengance on its master, so it takes vengance on other people who see it. so when it attacks the person becoems a wraith too. or what about the undead they are in a peace full slummber but are awooken and forced to walk the world for enerity. so death is evil

Mar 07, 2009
here is how i think of it, i like death because i am a necromancer, but i still think death is evil.

Mar 07, 2009
he he i actully have no problem with this at all,we are gothic, we are evil, we are dark and we are made that way, it is the way of the necroamncer!

Feb 15, 2010
i dont get it i mean so what if death deals with vampires? they do damage AND you get healed ( sometimes ) so i do not think they evil death are powerful and loyal by the way malistaire is only evil because he lost something near to his heart... does that sound stupid?

Jan 07, 2010
i agree! death is good i mean you want to be evil go join malistare WAIT! we did not join him... we destoyed him! and i am one that likes to go with school colors so my new outfit is black and purple and sometimes all black and i am always called "evil" and i am sick of it!

Feb 07, 2009
dreadskull wrote:
My title seems to sound like i am whining, but everyone in game seems to take Death school as something evil.
In my opinion, the only evil thing about death is that it just so happens to be the type of magic that Malistaire, the Necromaster, uses.
So what if we animate the dead?
So what if our colors are a little dark?
You guys ignite things on fire.
You guys freeze things solid.
You guys summon one-eyed minions (what is that even about 0_0)
My point.
People always say, why are you death? thats so evil
Take Dworgyn at the death school for example.
He is actually pretty nice, i see no reason for people to assume that he is evil.
When put to Professor Cyrus Drake, Dworgyn and the death students might as well go hand out free candy.
I hope i have made my point about this (i probably did after the first paragrah, but i like to emphasize =D) and have cleared up any thoughts that we death students are "evil".

Death + = Does not compute Death + :D = Good!

Sorry to be mean to other death wizards, but I truly think that death is really supposed to be evil. I understand how all of you other people feel about this, but death really is evil. But, we are evil if we really WANT to be evil.