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death drains "choppy" look fix

Dec 22, 2008
how about a lot of the "choppy" movement of the death drains for instance the first drain you get as death the ghoul looking spell i think it should shovel the enemy energy then throw over his back to the caster not flip the whole graveyard around :P lol just would make the spell smoother the vampire too it should bite the enemy and then fly around to the caster and heal not the whole coffin and bakground flipping :P basically all death drains flip the whole background of spell and everything i think just the creature should turn to caster to heal him/her tell me what you guys/gals think :P

Aug 20, 2011
You're correct in that the whole "monsterscape" switches around to center on whomever the next target is. Actually it's not just death spells, every spell in the game relies on this design. We tend to notice it most in those spells that have multiple targets though, like drains and AoE spells. Also, you tend not to see it with the AoE spells as much because the camera panning is so cleverly done--but if you're spectating, it's very clear that the whole monsterscape centers on each new target individually.

Changing this might take some serious work, it would involve changing the key frames in the spell animations. But, since you're talking about editing just a few spells (drains), it might be doable. And I'm with you, it's a bit distracting.

Dec 22, 2008
yea it would take some work and wow now that you pointed it out i do see that its in other spells now O: lol thx for reply