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Dear Friend's List Tech Team,

Jul 09, 2010
Idea about messaging offline players.

What if the Friend's List system was expanded to include a message left from a Friend while I was offline, "busy" or incognito?

Somehow that thing knows if my sister changes her gear and whether or not she's online -- and it lets me peek at her new pet even if she JUST equipped it--and whether or not I can port to her in an area. And it has chat bubbles attached to it. Friend's List Tech Team, is it possible to fix it so that I can click on a Friend on my list, then click on a new icon on the left of the list for leaving a message for that Friend, then access a specialized ... or the same chat bubbles -- but an expanded menu, so I can't leave truly personal messages, but I can say:

"Pet Hatch"
  • I'll be late, but still want to hatch. I'll be on around...
  • --- 1:00 p.m. Central Time [default because it's KI time]
Then if she misses me she could leave a return message like:

"Pet Hatch"
  • I couldn't make it. I'll be on around...
  • ---Saturday
  • ---1:00 p.m. Central Time
It would work just like the chat menus but have new phrases tailored for reasons Friends would need to leave a message for someone not available. Everything from "Happy Birthday!"..."and enjoy your gift!" to pet hatching, dungeon plans gone awry, and PVP dates changed or mixed up. By using the controlled chat bubbles it should be easier for KI to implement and would require no moderation AND would let us leave important messages for kids that don't have open/text chat or only have permission to be on the actual game not the website (for a web-page based message system.)

The name of the Friend that left me a message could glow, be a different color, the icon next to the name could change to a note or something--because we wouldn't always be expecting a message and automatically check.

And it would also be nice if the regular chat menu had phrases like after "Sorry, I just hatched."

---"Would you like to make a plan to hatch later?" The unspoken but obvious solution if not is that they can gift a timer potion but if they wanted to make a plan they could say:
  • "yes."
  • "Monday."
  • "4:00 a.m. Central Time."
And the other player could counter with an new plan if they wanted or confirm, "Thanks! That's a plan."

And a reminder phrase, "If we add each other, we can leave a message in case we need to change the plan."

Then they'll friend each other or not.

Any chance we could get a response from a producer,
as to whether this idea is even a computery physical possibility or is just completely,
"If we can make a space ship, certainly we can make a time machine! too." ???

Not that an answer in the affirmative would mean KI liked the idea or was going to try to work it out, but we wouldn't continue to think on these lines if it wasn't realistic.

Feb 17, 2010
cool idea, it would also be cool if we added mail boxes to player houses, so that a player could send a message to an offline player, but to get the message they would have to open their mail box at their house. and for those who do not have a house, they could add a mail box outside the dorms

Feb 23, 2010
This would make hatching and pvp a lot easier, especially for friends who only know each other in the game.