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darkmoor idea

Dec 05, 2012
i had the idea of no the next world but three worlds from now would be darkmoor. here would be the story. after you made old cob's plan fail previously he fled to darkmoor cause he would probably to better there. while there he found a young death wizard with a wraith hood and cloak on with a skull on each of his shoulders but you could see the wizard's face. his name would be mark shadowfire and him and old cob would build a tower and at the top would be a pole with a big black orb on top that would be called the orb of shadows and shadow lines would come from it going all over darkmoor. and after that old cob would decide to go back to morganthe's chamber to see what other good stuff he could find to help him take over darkmoor. while there he found morganthe's diary and it said in her diary, "i finally found a person that would cover for me. his name is belloq and i can be safe from the wizard now. to help me remember, his house is at 103 reckless lane in darkmoor. old cob then would go find belloq and have belloq cover for him. so when you go through darkmoor you would go through area by area getting closer to old cob and mark shadowfire. and at one point you would have to fight belloq and after you figt him he would stand outside of where you fought him and say, "i am sorry for my ways i shall only be good now!." he would have 34,500 health but if you didn't attack every round he would just spam a normal ra. the final dungeon would be called shadow orb tower where you would try to get to the top and stop old cob and mark shadowfire. the first floor would be four really hard street monsters. the next would be four bosses called shadow ghost. each one would have 16,000 health. the next floor would be two shadow ghost and two of the street monsters from the first floor. the final floor (which would be the roof) would have old cob and mark shadowfire standing there and then mark shadowfire would say "lets fight them!" then old cob would say, "you really thought i would help you? i wouldn't help any wizard in the spiral. i have better plans." then old cob would teleport away and mark shadowfire would say, "i guess its just me and you!" then you would fight him and he would have 123,800 health with no minions. he will spam a regular scarecrow if you don't attack with atleast 1,600 damage for every attack. once you beat him you would turn of the shadow orb and darkmoor would be saved.