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dark side of wizard city idea!

Dec 05, 2012
another one of my ideas for a new world would be where cyrus drake would call you to his office. he would say, "hello young wizard. its been a while since we last talked. i would like to tell you something that you can now handle. not very long after wizard city was made there were the good, and the evil who came to wizard city trying to own it. that mean't during that time half of wizard city was dark and half was good and light. we were battling and were not doing well. when we were almost down i struck the biggest earthquake i could and seperated our sides. the leader of the dark side was a man named maniclin. legend has it that he is still on that side of wizard city just waiting to strike again. ever since you destroyed morganthe and old cob left, there was another legend that he got lost and stopped at the the dark side of wizard city not knowing where he was, and was found by maniclin and now works with him. there would be a spiral key to this world. it would look like the regular wizard city key except instead of bartleby it would be a dead tree with nothing around it except black grass. the name would be dark wizard city. final boss would be maniclin and he would be a man with shadow flames for hair, half of his face would be brown skin and the right side would be white skin and both of his eyes would be shadowish. he would wear a black robe that would look like a karate robe without a belt. he would have a staff that would be a black staff with the shadow symbol in gray stone on the end. he would wear black pants and black boots. the dark side of wizard city would look like nightside but without those black thorn things.

Nov 12, 2013
That sounds somewhat complicated, wouldn't there have to be new schools and professors f you're going to have another bartelby? I was thinking about those gates, like that one to the right of the storm drain tower which could lead deeper into the nightside, seems more practical.

Dec 05, 2012
it wouldn't mean new spells, teachers, or schools. cause wizard city is the light side which means all of the schools and has bartleby. i mean like a normal and plain side that has darkness without the schools or a bartleby. the world would be owned by skeletal knights and dark fairies (but more powerful ones of course).

May 26, 2012
Isn't that kinda like Sunken City? (except Sunken City isn't evil)

Dec 05, 2012
carebearlover109 on Aug 21, 2014 wrote:
Isn't that kinda like Sunken City? (except Sunken City isn't evil)
true. but it would be cool if
there really was a dark side of wizard city.

Jun 12, 2011
Eh, It would be a nice idea, however I have my OWN idea of a dark dragon