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damage boosts

May 12, 2009
as most people know fire is the second most offensive school in the game and myth comes in third but how come both schools get much lower damage boost then schools like death balance and even life when they are supposed to be more defensive schools and fire and myth are supposed to be more offensive this applies more to fire then to myth because myth has better resist then the others but fire has the same or less resist but also lower damage boost, is there a reason for this. another point is this may be late but why does fires paladin robe get nerfed on critical while no others do making the total critical from that set closer to life then what fires should get

Sep 19, 2013
Gear boost depends on the wizard. Until I got some Hades gear and got a semi-reliable critical, I would focus entirely on damage and generally refer to critical as useless. I also was not very defensive at all, more or less ignoring critical block and using the Sky Iron Hasta. Consequently, my damage boost was around 80%, effectively storm level.
TL;DR: Gear boost depends on a) what you can get your little wizard mitts on, and b) what kind of playstyle you have. It's perfectly normal for a fire to have low gear boost if he/she is more focused on defense.

Sep 17, 2012
Base damage is much higher plus gear boosts are higher in offensive schools. This means those schools do more damage with less boost % needed.