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Cuter (stitch and normal) gear for girls

Jan 18, 2014
Personally, I believe a lot of the gear for girls are very masculine and mundane. I think there should be more variety, like lolita dresses (a Japanese fashion style), more skirts, cute kimonos with cute flowers, just overall more cutesy, feminine gear with more pastel colors. I want my character to look adorable and unique. I don’t want to use my commander robe, elegant set, guardian or archangel sets anymore.. cuter clothing for people who appreciate cute things and hyper-femininity would be amazing!

May 03, 2013
I agree! However, I think this should be the case for everyone. I have gender frustrations in the game that I'll probably make a topic about later, but at the very least there should be masculine and feminine outfits, for everyone. Basically, give girls more cute feminine outfits, but give them to guys too! Give girls frilly skirts! Give guys frilly skirts! Give girls pastels! Give guys pastels! Give everyone everything!

Feb 03, 2012
I hear you! Alot of the gear is very unisex because that is what people asked for years ago. There's nothing wrong with feminine styles. Although warrior like, I loved the Dragoon's Garment and Vindicator's helm. I also loved the Noble Garb (Marleybone). I loved the Floral Raiment Mail gear from Spring scroll of fortune 2021 and I was sooo sad I could only manage to get the boots. I always appreciated that Marleybone added heels, even though they were a bit high. I appreciate Morganthe's dress and crown. We should get more stuff like this! Personally I'm a fan of fairies, genies, and princesses, so I'd love to see things reminiscent of them! Unicorn gear and Dune Runners tunic were cool too. Lastly, I wish we had more flower crowns and flower wands.

P.S. I like feminine things but hyper feminine is a bit too much for me.

Sep 21, 2008
I think broadly speaking we also need more cute stitch options in general. Everyone wears the same school stitches because some of the newer stuff isn't too appealing (looking at you, Merciless Gear )

Also, some of the female versions of gear look worse than their male versions with smaller capes, awkward stockings, etc.

Jul 25, 2015
this is a great idea :o i love this.. lolita dresses should totally be added and men clothes too !!