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Customizable Signs

Jul 15, 2010
Ok, first off, I want to say I absolutely love the Customizable signs. They are good fun, but I especially use them to label teleporters. However, I have one TEENY request.

Why is there no option for the Arcane Builders Trio yet? Specifically I mean the Castle Name option where it says "Merle Ambrose's Massive Fantasy Palace" and the like. There is no option for any of the three castles you can receive with the Arcane Builders Bundle. I'm not sure if it is an oversight, or if it is intentional, but I would really like a "Midday Estate" sign to go along with the rest of my signs.

There is an update coming soon. Maybe?

I dunno, if I am overstepping my bounds here, let me know, I just would really like to be able to label all my teleporters instead of having one blank.

Sep 07, 2011
Usually the signs get updated one or two updates after the castle is added. They will probably add the Arcane titles in a month or two.

Jun 13, 2011
I sent my thought on more customizable house sign phrases, & they were good ones, too. Hope they can add these sometime soon.

I do have one more suggestion about them, though.

"Challenge the tournament in my Spiral Cup Gauntlet!"

Other than that, I know Professor Greyrose hasn't forgotten about these.... maybe. Still... I hope they can add my suggestions on these phrases soon.

Dec 12, 2012
Would be nice if you could free text what you want on signs up to certain number of letters.