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Customizable Mounts

May 02, 2010
I think Wizard101 should have a new Vendor that stands along side prospector zeke and the seamstress, one that allows you to customize your mount(s) in unique ways. I think that adding items that you can put on your mount would be awesome. They wouldn't need to do anything special but it would add a more unique look to everyone's mounts. The items could be in future packs, boss fights as drops, etc. The color also should be customizable. For example, my night-runner is black and green (as all of them are) it would be awesome to be able to make it black primary and red secondary (or any other mix and match).
Hope this sheds some light on some amazing new customization features to look forward to in the future :)

Wolf ThunderFlame, Transcendent level 73

Jan 11, 2012
I TOTALLY agree with this! A couple of perfect examples would be brooms (and I would LOVE to have these):

We could customize the head/tip, shaft, twig bundle, tail danglings. So, say I wanted a broom, that came to a point, centered into the shaft tip, a red wood shaft, blue twigs and nothing dangling off the end?

I have the Blue Candy Cane mount, but suppose I wanted to make one for a different holiday? What if I wanted to put a pumpkin in the back instead of the acorn, take the bend off the candycane (making it a straight stick) and color it black and orange or orange and purple? What if I wanted one for the month I was born in and instead of the acorn, I put a four leaf clover attached to a pot of gold on the end, removed the hook from the stick and colored it gold and green?

Customizing our mounts would be a WONDERFUL addition. I think the simpler (to upgrade) mounts should be gold done with the more complicated ones crown done

May 17, 2014

I love this idea,maybe from some boss battles a drop could be like bags which you put on your mount,and your stuff in stead of going to your bank goes to them.They could have around 5 spots for stuff.Plus,I have an Hydra mount on my level 40 fire.It would be cool that instead of purple,blue,red and blue we could have colors such as white,black,green etc. etc.

LVL 12 Nicole ShadowSong