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Crowns for Members

Aug 22, 2010
For a lot of people, you can either buy crowns of membership, but you can't afford both. I was thinking that for members, every month you got two thousand crowns. People will still buy crowns because two thousand aint that much. However, since memberships cost a lot, I think should get some crowns. Tell me what you think.

Nov 26, 2011
I COMPLETELY agree! In fact, I even made a topic about this. I paid over 120$ for crowns. And probably that much for membership.

Jan 25, 2012
this would be nice, but would it also affect those of us who buy memberships and crowns by gift cards?

Nov 22, 2008
darkcloyd wrote:
this would be nice, but would it also affect those of us who buy memberships and crowns by gift cards?

Maybe, but really the people that have paid accounts that dont play much would suddenly say "Oh look i have a lot of crowns for no reason, oh well, better spend them." And yes I can see it happening. So I think that members get crowns if they log on at least once a month. Yea or Nea?

Idea stater,
Valdus Darkcaster

May 01, 2010
I dont think this will be implimented..... Though, if you plan on playing more than 2 years, you can buy the spiral for much less than it would cost for 2 years of membership.... (currently, the overall cost of the spiral is somewhere around 70,000 crowns, that, added with the fact that you can get that much for roughly 85 dollors (special deal, 60$ for 60,000 they have, plus 25$ worth of crowns), and even though you dont get the benefiets of being subscribed, (like "free" ranked pvp/pet derby, extra backpack and friends space, etc.) if you stick with the deals, it can be easier on the wallet, especially if you are certain you will be playing for a while (and less guilt when/if you quit, saying you spent much less money than the alternate)

Also, think about it from a different, glass-half-empty point of view. If this happens, then:
Month membership: usually 10 dollors, now 6, in a sense. If you get 4 dollors worth of crowns you would have bought anyway..... 2 dollors if in family, where you can actually transfer crowns around.... way too abusable, (for example, if one or more doesnt use the crowns, they can be transfered all to 1, esentailly 4000 crowns+sub+sub for 6 dollors)....
6 month: 12,000 21$ worth of crowns, "free" along with a sub, so that is getting 71$ worth of stuff, for only 50$.
Year sub: 24,000 crowns "free", or 40$ worth of crowns, for 80$ (60$ if you are lucky enough to buy during a year sub deal).....

Aaaaaaaanywho, there are a couple of places that you can actually get a better deal on this, other than becoming a crowns- only player....

Sometimes, KI has a deal, for if my memory is correct, a year sub+10,000 or 13,750 for either 80, or 60 dollors, which in a sense, is the deal that you are looking for, there is also an 'invite a friend' option, if there is anyone IRL that you know, that might be interested in this game, like a sibling or a friend, under your friends list, (I am pretty sure its available to everyone), is an "Invite A Friend" option, if you click it, enter your friends/friend's parent's email (with their permission, of course), they will be able to make an account with a code that they recieve in an email or something (personally, I have never used this option, I think its a code, though), and whenever either party makes a purchase of 6 dollors or more, each of you get 1250 crowns (not sure if you both make a purchase like that, like a month sub, it will give each 2500, or just 1250).......

Jul 25, 2010
I posted a topic like this, and based on the comments that opposed my idea i realize that this would ruin Ki's business. So i can't see this happen...

Jan 25, 2012
slammer- i got more backpack space for being a member? i hadn't noticed lol

Feb 12, 2012
hmm good but i think it should be closer together (and btw i actually do use membership and buy crowns both) maybe a weekly crowns allowance of 1500 thousand crowns in one month you would have enough for something awesome dont you think that would work a little better and it would still involve your original idea

Oct 22, 2011
darkcloyd wrote:
slammer- i got more backpack space for being a member? i hadn't noticed lol

Me neither...