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Crown Idea

Jul 06, 2010
Let me say first that I love the game and i think you all are doing a wonderful job. I have three subscriptions to wizard101 for my wife, my mother, and myself (soon to be 4 as our daughter has gotten old enough to move up from a free account) on the family plan. My wife is disabled and I work from home part time so as to care for her and our daughter. Money is very tight so our subscription to W101 is our only monthly 'guilty pleasure'. So though we have free reign to roam all the worlds of the spiral we very rarely have the money to buy extra cards or crowns and end up missing out on the holiday or special events (like pet-a-palooza).

My idea is that maybe for monthly subscribers W101 could give them 100 - 500 crowns a month (that is only $.20 -$1.00 worth of crowns). It is not that much and would allow people that can not spend the extra cash to save up crowns over time as long as they continue to subscribe. It would at least allow those people a chance to buy a couple henchmen or a stitch job from Eloise once a month.

As a subscriber to W101 for over a year now I would be ecstatic to get just 100 crowns a month. That would allow for little crownshop items each months or to save up for 1 big item.

An example would be for a crown shop pet, cost range from 750c (myth ghoul) all the way up to 12500c (sea dragon). That would mean 8 months of subscribing for the ghoul all the way up to 10 1/2 years+ of saving for the sea dragon. So even with getting a few crowns a month subscribers would still have to buy a card or crowns for the higher end crown merchandise.

Thank you for at least taking the time to read this,
WataruWolf aka Wolf Dreamwalker

Jul 08, 2010
Not sure why it posted under my wife's account other then the fact her name is the 'parental control' for our family plan, when I posted the above thread I was logged in to my account.

Jan 17, 2010

As a crown user though i do have sub right now.....I see your pain.... I went Crown since it really was worth more in the long run....

It would be nice if there was sum 'real' incentive for me to go mem more...

100 a month though i think would be pretty low It would be fair based on some of the battles it might be nice to call a henchmen....

Sea Dragon as you were obviouslly talking about is Dropped by the first boss in Trail of the Spheres. So i wouldnt of really given that as an example. In fact most Crown items are dropped....

Dragon's hoard or Bartleby Treasure pack i would of said if me. 2 to 4 months and get a bonus would feel respectable. Maybe 200C at least a month though would be a little nicer....40cents right....

They may up the Sub Price though.....That might not work out....

Maybe a Monthly Crown Sub for small amounts that you have to be a Member by Sub to be able to get?

Say up to 1k a month per month till Sub is done or you decide to delete Crown Sub?

I am meaning that say 20cents to say 2 dollars? so 100 to 1k per month for members?

I dont know if they would give out free crowns but yeah they do give out a lot of the items....

Dec 14, 2008
personally i love the fact that your whole family plays, and i like your idea. but there is one problem, think about all the millions of people who have a subscription. and give them all 100-500 crowns? that would be a big money issue.
maybe KI would add it if it was less crowns, something like 50-100 a month. it would be a good investment though. it would encourage more people to stay on W101. and people like you (and me) who dont buy crowns would probably like the game even more because instead of being the people who have to earn all out gear and items we could have some of the cool stuff too.

Aug 04, 2009
Yea I would completely agree i always did disagree with the whole get crowns a lot easier thing mostly because they were never a necessity, but that seems really reasonable and the thing with Money on MMOs crowns is immediate money which is always really nice.. But in the long run it helps to have a lot of stable subscribers and i know a lot of people are detered from continuing playing due mainly because of money problems but if they added that extra crowns it would make people that have played for a while feel more like it is the right choice. Because everyone loves benefits or any little thing you can get for being with the game for a long period of time like i think i'm going into third year playing this game.

I also think it is really cool that your whole family plays, I myself just play the game with my little brother, but the funny thing is I'm the one that pays it rather than my mom and dad lol so i can sympathize with spending money you earned for your family to have fun.

Jul 08, 2010
Blazeb2 wrote:
i like your idea. but there is one problem, think about all the millions of people who have a subscription. and give them all 100-500 crowns? that would be a big money issue.

Well a normal account is around $10 a month, (around $7 if on a family plan), Giving back subscribers $0.20 - $1 worth of crowns wouldn't bankrupt them, but I see your point, no one likes to loose money.

On a side note...
My wife and daughter borrowed the money from my mother to get me a father's day gift. They surprised me with the new $39 Mega Pack card.
Though my main lvl 60 myth already has a better wand and cloths I am really enjoying Surfing the Spiral on the new carpet and moving into the new castle.
I might give the flute to my secondary lvl 60 ice, and the cloths to a new wizard. (the pet went into my main's pet collection)

Sep 20, 2008
It's a really good idea in the forming, and while KingsIsle would most likely be reluctant to give any sort of money back like that, maybe to longtime memberships they could award Crowns, and possibly hold contests that members can enter in to win prizes, or maybe just raffles or the like.

Mar 12, 2011
I don't think KI cares too much about losing money. I mean they offer free rewards for playing their free games. During pet-a-plaooza I played the free game for the ipod, and got a good 1000 gold and 10 mega snacks. As in the kinds that only drop in waterworks or must be bought with crowns. Personally this kind of free items makes me respect the company more than any other game I've ever seen. I know that the number suggested was small, which means it should be possible. But I was suggesting perhaps a little more. As in each month you get the 100 crowns, but every 3 months or so...you get a jackpot spinner wherein you spin for a chance to get a higher number. The lowest amount would still be the normal 100 crowns and it would have odds higher than the big numbers, but it would add a nice bonus for those who never think they will ever get a good crown item.

Jul 08, 2010
Nov 22, 2010
Blazeb2 wrote:
hink about all the millions of people who have a subscription. and give them all 100-500 crowns? that would be a big money issue.

It would be IF it cost KI anything to hand out those crowns. You're thinking about how much money KI might lose when all those people (you sure there are that many that have subscriptions?) didn't fork over the few cents each needed to buy those crowns ever the reality of the situation is:

1. It doesn't cost KI a cent to credit someone's account with a few crowns.

2. handing out those crowns isn't going to stop the people who "would have bought them" from buying them because those who would have bought them still WILL and the others wouldn't have bought them any way.

3. there's very little you can "buy" for those few crowns. People would have to save up for a while to get anything decent, but it could be an incentive for people to buy enough more crowns just so they could get something cool.

4. It would be a good incentive to get more people to subscribe. There are very, very few reasons for subscribing now and it's much better for KI's bottom line to have people subscribe than to keep trying to sell them areas.