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Crown Discount for Subscribers.

Aug 29, 2009
Wizard Staff,

I would like to see a special discount on the purchase of Crowns for current Wizard 101 Subscribers. We are already paying $60 to $120 a year with our subscription so it doesn't make any sense that we should have to pay $80 to get the best discount.

As long as we have an active subscription we should get a special discount rate suggested below. This would be good all around because as a subscriber we really don't need as many crowns as the pay as you go group needs to fully play the game.

2500 Crowns for $5 ($1 = 500 Crowns)
5500 Crowns for $10 ($1 = 550 Crowns)
15625 Crowns for $25 ($1 = 625 Crowns)
36250 Crowns for $50 ($1 = 725 Crowns)
68000 Crowns for $80 ($1 = 850 Crowns)

Now then one could argue that this can be abused by someone only buying a one month subscription and then canceling so as to get the discount as such I would suggest that this discount be limited to only 6 and 12 month subscribers.

The way I see it this is a win win because current subscribers would be more likely to purchase Crowns to buy gear, treasure packs, seasonal items, and stuff for their house, and it would give those that have not yet subscribed another reason why they should choose a subscription over the pay as you go plan.

This would be a nice way for Wizard to say thank you for their loyal subscribers.

PS... I also have another idea that I would love to see implemented. I will make it a separate post under the subject of "Subscriber only badge and Goodies"