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Critical block rating

Aug 06, 2012
I have noticed while questing my myth through the game 50+ that he blocks more then my 110 balance storm ice death life Ice is made to tank he should be blocking, he has good gems ect but When i do use him to help my myth on 2nd account My myth blocks more then he does same with my others I think you guys should balance it out more giving 5% per level going 50-100 and 10% going from 100-110 extra block Its doesn't look right that my main account doesn't block but maybe 25% of the time but myth blocks everything and he's in crafted avalon gear All the rest are mostly darkmoor /rattlebones gear If you guys would take this into concideration It would help the people That are just starting I understand the Admins want the game to be a challenge and Play as teams but Some people Like to solo run 2 accounts or quest with 1 person As a former Developer I believe Players opinons matter Please take this into concideration thanks