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crafitng mega snacks

May 15, 2009
As much as i'd like to write a massive paragraph on why I think being able to craft mega snacks would be a good idea.. I simply cannot. I'm currently running on about 5 hours of sleep so i'd like to make this short and sweet.

I dislike the idea that I have to grind bosses and pray I get a rank 8 or 9 mega snack or to plant dozens of a single plant in your garen and wait 2 weeks to yield a mega snack. I would like to be able to buy mega snack recipes and craft them. the fact we haven't been given this already is a darn shame. the fact that I have reached the current highest level of crafting and don't have anything to show for it because none of the gear I find interests me. I would very much like to be able to make my own snacks so I can steadily build up a supply for pet training.

Apr 21, 2011
I think this is mostly so people have to pay crowns for mega snack packs to have any hope of getting good snacks easily.

Even if they made the crafting impossibly expensive it would be better because then we wouldn't have to pay so much in crowns and use so much energy for plants that could otherwise be used to level up the pets we are trying to get snacks for.

Dec 25, 2009
Dec 25, 2009
Or you can just garden for Mega Snacks like normal people. Plants like Couch Potatoes, Evil Magma Peas, ALL THE ULTRA PLANTS, Deadly Helephant Ears all drop Mega Snack regularly. The only hard part is getting them without paying a lot (grinding bosses who drops) and stacking them. Couch Potatoes especially.

Due to my lack of time spent in this game, I can only yield about 2000 pet experience every 3-4 days (about 50-80 Mega Snacks), but I know people who can yield a lot more because of a) their Garden Size and b) the plants they grow.

I know you dislike growing plants, but by maxing out their likes (which I do) you can expect harvest every 3-4 days. Also, in truth, you only need to check your plants twice, once at young, and again at mature.