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Coolest Badge?

May 28, 2009
my fav. is grandmaster theurgist. (i hope thats how you spell it )
then it would be sword saint, even tho i dont have it. just because it sounds cool. now i now where to get it :D .um savior of spiral was awesome, before every one got it, it makes me mad to see people who didnt really earn it have it. COME ON PEOPLE BADGES SAY YOU EARN THINGS NOT PORTED IN WHEN ITS ALMOST OVER.

Feb 21, 2009
driftblim275 wrote:
Swift98 wrote:
First off, The Purifier is for Killing Plague oni, The Peacemaker for killing the War oni, Spirit Walker for killing the death oni, and Oni Slayer for killing the Jade oni. I Normally use The Purifier/Oni Slayer/Sword Saint

And a gentle fyi: Sword Saint is Achieved by killing a Secret boss called Youkai(8000 Health - The REAL Strongest boss). He is Somewhere in Tree Of Life, I won't give a Spoiler on the Location.

Level 28 Beat Youkati
he is super easy allot of health. he has bad attacks .i beat him allot of times i know the secret location. xD :P
: caroline earthstaff woot! xD and btw i'm a lvl 44 ( xD cant wait for hydra ) :) ( i will give you a hint: a road with allot of spiders tree of life mooshu ) just saying

Feb 21, 2009
magiclover25 wrote:
speaking of which, does anybody know how to get magus thaumateurge badge? i am a lvl 30 magus thaumaturge,and i don't have that badge.the only ice-related badge i have is master diplomat.and i have no idea what a doplomat is. can anybody help me with getting journeyman and/or magus thaumaturge?
xD when you first open your badge thingy a bober xD lol :P you see the badge no title press it then it will show xD

May 24, 2009
Revelations wrote:
What Badge do you run with? Whats the collest you've seen?

I like the badge you get for defeating Jade Oni... The Purifier. Thats the best one I've seen so far.
i say the ghostbuster badge is better

May 28, 2009
my favorite badge right now is my "Krokosphinx Delver". mainly because it's a bug that needs to be fixed and hasn't yet. I earned it and placed it on my head and then a short time later i went to change the badge and my krokosphinx badge and been replaced with the "junior archeologist" badge that is earned from the pryamid.

Feb 12, 2009
May 11, 2009
Tipa wrote:
While I like Aeronaut; the one I use today, at level 44, is Golem Tower Champion.

Because that was REALLY HARD to do the first time I tried and I was so proud to have finally done it.

I agree completely i had so much truoble with the golem tower i felt accomplished completing it with my storm mage. But as of now im using order of the fang cause i think it sounds cool

May 14, 2009
I think the coolest badge is Drake Rider, which you get from beating all the quests in Dragonspyre Academy, which includes the quest to defeat Malistaire.

Arlen Dragonthorn, Grandmaster Pyromancer.

May 19, 2009
cs550 wrote:
does anyone know what the badge is for killing 1000 undead people if you do know tell me please.
edit:i figured it out and it's undead crusader and my favorite badge is "ghosbuster" i think it is really funny

yes but thats only for 1000 undead the badge you get for killing 2000 undead is UNDEAD SLAYER

May 19, 2009
skbronco6 wrote:
How do you get Yojimbo?

you get the YOJIMBO badge for killing 100 ronin, and you get the SAMURAI badge for killing 200 ronin

May 19, 2009
Zurch101 wrote:
i would have to say Gobbler Gobbler and Master of Myth (which i don't have) would have to be the coolest badges

i dont think master of myth is a real badge isnt it called MASTER OF MONSTERS

May 19, 2009
my favorte badges are the ones you get for killing tons of enemies.

MEOW MASTER- 400 cats
PIED PIPER- 200 rats
SAMURAI- 200 ronin
DRACONIAN MASTER- 200 draconian
SPIDERBANE- 500 spiders
TECHNOMANCER- 500 golams
ELEMENTALIST- 500 elementals

Jul 01, 2008
I like Web Cutter even though once you hit Grand, I prefer wearing Grandmaster Theurgist o.O

Jun 09, 2009
i like savior of the spiralbadge because it's so cool defeat malistare
(i'm jeremy dragon dreamer lvl 40 pyromancer) :D

Dec 13, 2008
I love the badge Sword Saint xD lolz its from this imp that isnt shown on the map in the dungeon tree of life you also get the minotaur pet from that imp.

I also like Ghost Buster for doing the side quest of soul slinger in the drake hatchery. You get it from that dragon away from the other dragons. You will have to do some other quests before acturally doing Soul Slinger but it gives lots of xp, a awesome staff, and that cool badge I:

Jun 04, 2009
RAT TRAPER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Emma Moonhunter
Lvl 31 Ice Goddess 8)

May 02, 2009
For me, it's nightstalker because it sounds cool, and I have yet to see anyone with this badge on, so once I get it, I'll wear it, since to me, it's a pretty unique badge to wear. 8)

P.S. if this hasn't already been aswered, yojimno is the badge you get after defeating 200 ronin.

Dec 14, 2008
to me lore master its a very hard badge to get you got to finish every single DS task otherwise i would like wearing a title here is what i learned

Loremaster:complee athenuem or all DS quests
Ghostbuster:complete necropolis
Drake rider:hadnt found this one out yet but i think finshing all DS academy quests

my favorite mooshu badge is "Sword saint" from youkai

Favorite MB badge:Machine master

Fav krok:Order of the fang

Fav wiz city. i hate WC cause its noob infested but there is o badges there i like and i gotten all of them

Dec 30, 2008
gswift7 wrote:
I like the Spirit Walker badge (for completing the whole series of side quests for Mossback and his elemental friends in Mooshu) because it is so hard to get. It's surely debateable, but I think it's the hardest badge in the whole game to achieve.

And when I play my storm school character I like the Master of Storm badge (for collecting all the storm school spells in your spell book) because none of the other schools seem to have a badge like that.

well ya other schools have that but it isnt like that it is like master of fire, master of ice, master of monsters etc it is not just for storm wizards

Dec 30, 2008
PrincessLily wrote:
I proudly wear the badge of "Smogger Smasher". I think it just sounds way kewl. And for the Wizards who haven't yet smashed the Smogger, I keep getting asked, "What's a Smogger?" and I reply I have no idea but I smashed it!

lol PrincessLily you have a way with words

Feb 03, 2009
bb51 wrote:
What Badge do you run with? Whats the collest you've seen?

I like the badge you get for defeating Jade Oni... The Purifier. Thats the best one I've seen so far.
i say the ghostbuster badge is better [/quote how do u find the boss for the sword saint

Apr 25, 2009
My favorite badge is "Samurai". I wear that proudly and have not seen anyone else have it yet. BTW, I just finished getting ALL of the badges possible (excluding "Master" ones from other schools). Quite a feat if you've done it and quite frankly, I think I should have the title of Supreme Grandmaster now. Hardest 2 in the game I think are Master Artisian and Undead Slayer. (That's 2000 undead killed..took me months to get it).

Jun 30, 2009
What badge do I roll with? hmmm. Well, if you see me on my Storm. It's Grandmaster of Storm

If you see me on my Balance, either. Aeronaut, Savior of the Spiral, or Master of Balance

If you see me on my Life

Journeymen Theurgist...

Which one do I like the Most??

Purifier, Spirit Walker, Draconian Bane, Grandmaster, Master of, Aeronaut, Machine Master, Sword Saint, Master of Nature. I think Master of Nature is cool for Life!!

Mar 02, 2009
I like Samurai and Blood of the Giants, I have both. I remember farming the general on cyclops lane endless times to get his ghost so I eventually got the Blood of the Giants. Me and some friends wanted the Samurai, so thats how I got that.

Aug 09, 2009
I where Yojimbo. I like it as it was the first time i had seen it referenced since final fantasy X.