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Cool LvL 88 Spell Ideas.

Dec 20, 2008
Damage:1400 (thanks for the tip Doue Dou)
After Effects:Stun for 1 round.
A giant half man half octypus rises from the ocean. He's wearing a headress over his head and is in chains when he arises. He then breaks the chains and roars at the enemy(traps+bladeds). Then he takes his fist witch is covered with electricity and punches the enemy causing a shockwave on the enemy. The enemy takes damage then the shockwave creates the stun for 1 round.

Damage: 975 to all enemies. again thanks dou dou
After Effects: Plus 25% to next myth spell
Animation: The sky darkens and you hear high pitched laughs comeing from above. Then the harpies would swoop down and circle the battle feild. (traps/Blades) Then 2 of them would swoop down upon the enemy and cause the damage. The third one would then schreech at you and blast you with an ugly ray that would bring the +25% traps on the opponents.
Hope you like it took a lot of thinking

Damage: 1050 to One enemy
After Effects: -45 to next Healing spell
Animation: You see Dr katinstine imprisoned in a cell when then the clouds in the sky clear and a full moon appears. Then he transforms into the werekat and breaks through the cell. and meows or roars at the knight.(Blades+Traps) Then it sniffs the air and then jumps and attacks the enemy. then he goes to the user and howls the life into him healing him.

Thats all i could come up with for now hope you like it

Sep 20, 2009
Storm: Its pretty good, but Stunning is more of an Ice and Myth effect, and the damage is just a tiny-bit high. Just a little. And I mean really really little.

Myth: Its okay also, but the damage is a little high for Myth, since it is also an AoE.

Death: The idea is a little plain, but the damage level is good. The only thing is that the next Death Spell would most likely be Damage, because there's a pattern of Drain, Damage, Drain, Damage, etc., etc., so the next Death Spell would be Damage most likely.