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Cool Housing Idea

Sep 06, 2008
I think that in the School Themed Housing you could have the tree of that school.For example if you bought the life school house you could have Blossom or if you got the fire school house you could have Bernie.Feel free to comment on the idea.

Feb 08, 2009
its a good idea, only, you would have about, 1,000,000,000 copies of them, and it is possible that there could be a quest search overload and the arrow could just be flipping out, but they do have programs to fix that, flags and all, but, i still dont like that, how would they get there? maybe if it is like a familly member of them i would be ok with it, but, i dont know, it is a interesting idea though.

Dec 13, 2008
Well, trees would be nice. But where are we going to buy them? At the Wizard City Shop. Or they could be built into the house. But I was thinking only for the crown shop, there could be a furnature store. It could have little tabs that say "Ice", "Storm", "Fire", "Death", "Myth", "Life", "Balance". If you click on, for example, Fire tab. You'll see a whole bunch of fire themed items that you cant find anywhere, including the trees! They could be no trade, no auction. That way it could only be for the crown shop.

:DAustin LotusCaller:D