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Cooking idea.

Jan 11, 2012
ZacSkywalker727, I can see the appeal for cooking, especially if it leads to being able to cook our own pet foods AND we get ingredients from farming and drops. My big issue is doing too much with one orb. I don't wanna have to be split between pet training, gardening AND cooking with the green orb. I think every activity should have it's own orb's worth and it wouldn't be too hard to implement that way. I also think there should be wisps to replenish certain things and to make sure it doesn't get TOO easy, maybe have ONE wisp in your dorm, to replenish 25% of your total for secondary skills (training, gardening, etc). This way, you get a slight boost, can train a bit longer, but you don't get it TOO easy and still have to work for it. Cooking, Farming, Pet Training, HP and MP should all be SEPARATE (in my viewpoint) to help maximize training and I do NOT think it would unbalance the game to do so. It would make both farming and pet training (currently) much easier. The other issue I have with new aspects of the game, is that I don't want Wizard101 to become like another online game I played hat had 30 different skills to train. That's WAY too much. part of W101's charm is it's simplicity.

Aug 15, 2009
good idea, wouldnt be hard just instead of a crafting table just have the table look like a cauldron and use that for crafting things like pet snacks, and mount snacks, and wizard snacks. snacks that say affect mount speeds, and snacks that give health and mana potions (not that it would compete with potions bought with crowns because some people would rather just buy them than try to craft them.

but wouldnt they first have to clean up crafting to make it economically balanced again? and take the time to make sure that crafting is second best to crowns and that crafting is a reward? like someone said cooking would basically be like crafting but cooking would be a nice addition to the crafting experience... provided they brought crafting back into balance.

Jul 11, 2011
yummy, i am sure lord chico would LOVE some wiggly pasta! and for us maybe some grilled cheese sandwiches, maybe Cassandra would like some garlci bread or BBQ chicken, this is such a good idea! i have some food ideas as well! ghostly toast 5 boost death damage and 4 mana, 10 minutes, spicy yougurt, 10 fire damage and 25 fire critical one hour

glowing lollipop, 7 universal damage and resist one hour, frozen gummy bear 8 ice damage and 10 universal reist 5 minutes golden toffe, 20 incoming 25 outgoing healing one hour

Aug 10, 2009
I would love this! Also we need Fishing in w101!!