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Collosus Boulevard

Feb 07, 2009
How do you get into Collosus Boulevard? I'm a Level 10 Death Wizard. Just i want to know.. How do you get into collosus boulevard? and also. How do you get to Kraken? Who sends you on the quest to find portal to Kraken and defeat it? Please reply. Thanks.
- Adam Firerider, Or AKA Koolkid12

Aug 19, 2008
You get the task to go to Collosus when you finish the three streets off Olde Town.

The Kracken task comes from the guy at the top of the teleporter area; by the waterfall. You will get it after you help him build the scarecrows.

Good luck!

Feb 07, 2009
Jul 10, 2009
koolkid12 wrote:
I know but how do you finish the 3 streets of olde town?

You can basically just do all of the quests on those three streets (Firecat Alley, Triton Avenue, and Cyclops Lane) exactly like you would've done on Unicorn Way. For each street, there are usually a few strings of side quests and one main storyline where you end up having to defeat some sort of Boss. And if you're wondering how to gain access to those streets in the first place, Headmaster Ambrose should give you a quest that requires you to talk to Sergeant Muldoon who will, in turn, send you to defeat Lady Blackhope on Unicorn Way. When you return to him, he'll open up the street gates and you'll be able to go through.

-Scarlet Angelbane