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Clothing Racks/Mannequins Housing Item?

Dec 18, 2010
No, this is not a repost to spam the idea, I just accidentally pressed enter halfway through typing the other one. So, I'm going to try and not hit enter when I type this one. So, once I was questing through Marleybone, and I decided to buy Marleybone Gear. I really liked how it looked on me, and I wanted to keep it on display in one of my 4 homes, (Probably the wizard's watchtower) but as far as I know there's no clothing rack or mannequin item in the game. I mostly had the idea from terraria, because of the mannequin that looks really awesome if you put your armor on it. I also think it would not be too difficult to put into the game, because they can kind of go off the music box system. Place the item down, left click, click the icon to put clothes on it, have it open the inventory with everything but the hat, robe, and shoes unavailable, and pick the whichever clothes you would like. Also I think that it would go great with the armor you can buy that has no affect on the wearer. I understand that if someone were to spam them all over their house it could potentially create lots of lag, so you might want to limit the amount of them to 15 indoors and 15 outdoors, or whichever number you think would be best. The item would most likely go under furniture or decoration, and people could showcase their coolest armor. Thanks for your time whether Kingsisle or just a regular player is reading this. Reply if you have any other suggestions for this topic Eric Nightblade, level 58

Sep 19, 2013
We already got-a one, it's-a very nice.
Seriously, you just described the mannequins in game. You can craft them, get the recipe from Felicia Worthington in Regent's Square.

Sep 17, 2012
Mannequin recipes are available from the Marleybone crafter already. You are limited to 7.

Aug 15, 2012
You can buy male and female mannequin recipes from Felicia Worthington in Marleybone.

Apr 01, 2013
There already is a mannequin.. o-o

Dec 18, 2010
Wow. That was NOT on purpose to describe an item just like there already is. I'm gonna go get some.