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Clothes in Houses

Jul 27, 2012
I want to be able to put my clothes in my house, like in my closets and wardrobes. There's an ability to put your weapon and pets and mounts in your house, so why not clothes?

When you walk into Wizard City stores, there are huge closets with robes in them, and racks with wands and staffs on them. I would really really like to see this in my house.

Instead of putting clothes in your bank when there's no backpack space, you can make it decorative and put it in your house!

What do you guys think about this?

Aug 03, 2014
I'd love this! I was hoping with the introduction of gear storage that they might make a walk-in wardrobe...over optimistic? :D

The wand racks would be amazing if they were interactive and allowed our wands to be stacked on them like in the shops :)

I'd also like to see shoe racks and wardrobes like in the shops. It would finish off home decorating as well as being storage. A shelving unit to put decks, amulets and athames on display too - so many of them have such beautiful designs but are never seen!

I know we have mannequins and I really like them but they are restricted in number per area and only cater for boots, robes and hats. They're really good for displaying special gear sets and extending that notion to other types of display would be awesome :)