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Cloak Enchantment has more potential

May 17, 2009
As everyone knows, when it comes to duels there's always an attack for every defense and a defense for every attack, but there seems to be one exception to this right now, and that's destroying and/or taking blades, traps, shields, etc. Every other spell has some kind of way of preventing whatever it does, whether it be weaknesses, stuns, etc. they can all be prevented, but what can be done when someone uses earthquake, enfeeble, steal charm, steal ward, or any other spell that takes any of these away? Nothing! So why can't Cloak be the spell that prevents any of this, right now it's only purpose is pvp, why not be able to use it in pve too, while also making pvp more intersting. Some may say then what'll be the point of using any of those takeaway spells, well you need to remember it needs to be drawn along with the card it applies to. Plus you'd also have to choose between which enchantment you'd rather use for blades and traps, since Sharpened Blade, and Potent Trap were introduced. So what's everyone else's thoughts on this?