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Classic Practice Matches

May 29, 2013
I often hear players longing for the ole days, where TC and heal pets didn't dominate life. I was looking at a tournament format and was actually kind of interested. What would a classic match be like? How would it feel knowing you don't have to worry about bothersome Infallible, Pets on steroids, and High level TC?

To those who don't know, A classic match throws out all pets, Amulets, and TC. You can't use it. Otherwise it's the same as any other match. You're stuck with what you trained. This format of match is in Tournaments only. However, I'm way too squeamish to do something like join a tournament. Especially one like a classic match. Why? Everyone has Arena gear, and no Infallible accessible to cut through the resist. I don't have the arena gear myself, nor do I have a strategy to make around Classic rules, or a way to test said strategy, so I'll just get tossed aside, wasting every crown I spent on it

I was always taught to practice how I perform. If practice is there to prepare you for ranked, why aren't there matches to prepare you for different Tournament matches. A lot of players I know tend to stay away from Classic and Quick Tournaments simply because they're not familiar. I'm sure no one wants to run in and get tossed aside because they don't know what they're doing......... and spend crowns in the process.

I long for non-conventional matches anyways. Players need some type of step outside the norm.
While you're at it, give Quick matches a practice chance. Players need something different every once in a while. Something different from Steroid pets and High level TC. PvP is supposed to be about fun, not biting your fingernails to the nub, paranoid about which TC they'll use next

At least consider it