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Check When a Friend Was Last Online

Oct 16, 2011

So this has been happening a lot in my past years of playing Wizard101 and it's really sad. Almost all the time, I make really good friends in the game and they stop playing for whatever reason. It always happens and sometimes, when it is happening, i don't know if the friend comes online when i'm not online, or if that friend is never online at all. I wanna be able to see when the friend was last online. It would be helpful to add a feature like that. Most online things have that feature and i'd like to know if my friend stopped playing so i would stop worrying about it. I'm not sure if others have the same opinion and it might seem like spying but a lot of online games have the option like world of warcraft or steam. So that i know if someone stopped playing or if we're always on at different times. Please Kingsisle this would be heavily appreciated.

- Zachary Titansword

Nov 10, 2012