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Character Changer

Jul 11, 2009
I think there should be not only a costume changer, but a skin tone, hairstyle, hair color, or face changer to your Wizard. Like for example not every Wizard can have it, like maybe you'll have to buy it. Say for example, that you don't like your hairstyle anymore. So you want to change your look, so you go to your Backpack and you click a little button says "Wizard Designer" or maybe something like "Wizard-Look Changer" (or I don't know i bet you can think of a better name) and it has a menu that has a picture of you on the right and says a listing of skin color, hairstyle, or hair color with boxes and arrows to choose what color of skin you want, or what hairstyle, or hair color. It may not be a good idea, so if you don't want to post it, that's ok. But anyway, please post! :D

Feb 15, 2009