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Changing the focus of myth to defense removal.

Oct 19, 2009
In the new meta myth has been able to really manipulate minions to the degree the school makes myth a minion school. I think to give myth a new approach. Myth should focus on Defense removal vs minions and minions add to the defense removal. This will allow myth minion only spells to change to fit the the game how it is now.

Buff minion and shield should work for anyone. This allow myth to buff or shield themselves and the hammer as the would there minion if present.

Sacrifice and Mend minion can be two unique myth heals.

Dem Shift should work as risky shift that can affect another target or another entire it very underplayed spell with potential.

I think this would make myth sell better to the populous.

Dec 22, 2008
i agree very great idea :D do it NOW lol xD