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Changing name?

Dec 26, 2008
ok so i was new to wizard 101 and i did not no if i was going to like it so i just randomly picked a name and i really really want to change my name i dont like the one i have now could someone please tell me how i can change mine? :(

We currently cannot change Wizard names, however since you're fairly new to the game, you can just make another Wizard. You can have up to 6 Wizards at a time.

Dec 26, 2008
Jun 23, 2009
May 25, 2009
Jun 16, 2009
It would be nice if you could change your name.

Like say you change your name, then a notification will be sent to your friends that you have changed your name so they don't think there's a glitch in your name or they don't see your name.

May 28, 2009
ya i really really really really really really really really really really really, (i could go on for a long time but i have too sleep some time to night) want to change my last name, rite now its Autumn Swiftgem i want to change it to Autumn Rain i have seen a Angel Rain so i know i could of but now i can't and i am not new too the game, i am lvl 50 for crying out loud. so plz make that happen PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ PLZ i like the idea where it sends a message to all your friends saying your names been changed that would be so cool

see ya in the spiral
Autumn Swiftgem
(for now)

Jan 28, 2010
i agree, i think there should be a way to change your name in the game and a note is sent out to all your friends. It would be SOOOOOOOOOOO nice. I'm lvl 28 and i soo don't wanna go through all the things i've already done. So plz wizard world people, make a way to change our names Thanks you, Sestiva

Dec 12, 2009
I'd love to choose my own name, seeing as I picked a random one for myself because I thought I wouldn't really get hooked, but I did, heheh, and I want to change my name, maybe you could pay like 10,000 gold or 100 crowns to do so or something?

Jun 08, 2010
yeah, I would be willing to pay gold or crowns to change my last name. Or run some quest in game to do so, that would be cool.

Feb 01, 2009
Jun 26, 2009
ProfessorGreyrose wrote:
We currently cannot change Wizard names, however since you're fairly new to the game, you can just make another Wizard. You can have up to 6 Wizards at a time.

but some people have worked really hard on their wizards, like mine, i have been working on it for a year now. I really wish i could change my name from noah greenhunter to noah greensword. But, you know, KI can just take one sep at a time.

Dec 14, 2009
I have to chime in and agree that changing your wizard name needs to be a feature in the game.

I agree that it should cost gold or crowns, just like buying back your training points.

I also agree that the process should be somewhat more involved than simply selecting a new name.

Both of these would help limit the abuse of name changing.

Perhaps there should be a Wizard City Court House, where you go and file an application for a name change and pay your application fee. (There's that little building down on the right, before going into Firecat Alley. That would be a good spot for a court house. :D

Perhaps the application process automatically takes 30 days to be approved. It could even be manually moderated by KI, if that is deemed necessary.

I would be good with ALL of those requirements and restrictions. There just needs to be a way to change your wizard's name.

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