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changing hairstyles

Aug 13, 2009
Loreis04 wrote:
Hair salons would be a great idea! You could even have different options depending on which world you happen to be in: Cleopatra in Krok, "pig" tails in Mooshu, etc. ! 15 crowns per style, and KI would clean up. I love this idea!

Erin Dawn Weaver Grand Master Life

i think new hair styles will be really awesome my hair style in the game is not that pretty plus i messed up on the person but now it is lvl 49. i always wear a hood because the hair style is not that pretty and people make fun of me which makes me mad. :( :?

Apr 19, 2009
Yeah like a kind of barber shop, where you are asked what style and colour you want your hair to be and the price of what you have chosen. You then pay GOLD (as it would be unfair to those stuck with a hairstyle they wanted to change but had to buy crowns just to do so) your character is then spun around in a barbers chair with pieces of hair flying everywhere as the barber uses his wand to levetate and control these scissors. Your chair then stops and you get up, your hairstyle changed and recoloured depending on whether you chose to do so. There could also be a name changer where you are able to type in a name of your choice or just change it using the name wheel like the one you use to pick a name during the process of creating your character.

I'm not trying to be any trouble by saying this, i just though these idea's seemed quite cool although these have been used before in World of Warcraft and Runescape so i don't know if you would have to get permission from them to create one etc.

And the problem about changing hair style etc, it could show the origional character and name of them when they first started to stop confusion and their character now.

Jul 19, 2008
Dec 15, 2008
I think there should be a barbershop, but no name changer, or tattoos, a lot of people would actually enjoy the idea of a barbershop. But please a tattoo shop? W101 is a kids game not a adult game to be getting tattoos, please write back?