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Change Characteristics

Jan 30, 2014
So I'm not one of those people who are like: name change. I want to add something like height change. Wouldn't that be cool? And we should be able to dye our hair. I hate my ugly purple hair. I'm fire. And I kinda want white hair. Plus, we need to be able to stitch (as members) for extra gold or just because we pay for the membership monthly.


Jul 23, 2016
IMO, a height change wouldn't really be needed and / or considered by KI. KI is based on a " family friendly " and making " everything equal " standpoint and bias. If one thing were to change, people would demand other changes, such as weight, and for female characters many would probably begin demanding being able to sexualize / customize anatomy to be bigger or smaller. For the best of things, I honestly think it would be best to leave things as they are.

And dying hair is a strong suggestion, I know tons of people tired of their current hair colors and would be more than happy for a change. However, if you do really / would highly prefer a different hair color, without the concern of changing your current hair, just purchase a hairstyle from the crowns shop.