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chances of getting a good drop

Jun 06, 2009
keira frostweaver, lev 37 life wizard

i have just been reading thru the message boards. I have been reading posts about how often pets/good items are dropped or not dropped .

those of use familiar with games of chance have an idea of what is going on. it's like playing the lottery, your number may/maynot come up.
take a die and see how many times you can roll a six (6), or any digit.
you buy a lottery ticket, what are the odds of wining? i'm not sure what odds they use here for determining the percentage of drops, but considering how many of us are trying at the same time- heck there are only so many pets to be had!
i have dome my fair share of trying for pets, but i figure now, what the heck, it's the game that is important here, later when nothing else to do, maybe i'll try again!.
my granson is a fanatic for the pets, told him, i'm not trying extras again because there willalways be a per we don't have and he wants! ROFL