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Chance spells for every school

Aug 05, 2009
So, like spetrecal blast, i thouht every school should have a chance spell(s):

Ice: Randomly either put a 60%- damage on all team, 45% balefrost, or 50%+ ice blade on self 3 pips

Storm: Randomly either stun a random target for 2 rounds on appoenents team, change the battle so you go first or last (random) on your team, or put an 100%- next storm hit on self (note this is part of it) and 31%+ blade on self 4 pips Randomly either do 100 damage to self or do 950 damage to opponent and put a 5%- weakness on self 5 pips (60% chance of casting)

Fire: Randomly either ive you a card in hand that changes a DoT to a non DoT, or changes a non DoT into a DoT, or puts a 40%+ fire blade on self

Balance: Either turns your next attack into 1/10 drain, turn next attack to heal your self, or dependin on the number of pips you use on your next attack, it gives you a minion (it tells you which one) 4 pips Randomly either do 100 and drain 75 no matter how much it boosted, give you 100 health over 2 rounds, or uses pierce on a random target 1 pip

Cant think of ones for the rest of the schools, will try to think before my sub runs out.