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Celstial Armor!!

Dec 19, 2008
Okay, so I was reading over about Celestia again, and I thought of something, what are we gonna wear under water?

At first I imagined armor like a fish bowl over your head and a scuba tank on your back, but that would look a little goofy walking around ravenwood in that when you can already breath.

Then, it hit me! What if the armor was specialized to a certain school? Here's what I mean.
The storm robe is armored style, just like the ones is DS. Though, there is lightning bolt paterns printed on different section of it. Also, electricity is constantly coming out of it and rolling down the armor to the player's toes. Then it begins again.

The storm hat would have clouds forming ontop of it, occasionally raining. Lightning strike the part where the shocks of the robe roll down, though the two pieces of clothes can work without each other.

The storm shoes leave a trail of water where you walk. Like on the beach of the royal playhouse, the water will slowly fade away. Electricty flows into the pool brighter with these shoes then without.

So like there are certain effects based on what school you have. It would be much better then wearing a giant scuba mask while fighting Malistare's dungeon. What other ideas can you think of for Celstial armor.

Jennifer Angleweaver
Rachel Rainhaven
Master of Ice and Storm